Sowing And Growing Fennel

Fennel is an excellent vegetable that can be eaten cooked or raw, it is also used in garden gardens for its beauty, with its characteristic lush and bright green tuft.

The scientific name of fennel is foeniculum vulgare dulce and this vegetable belongs to the family of apiaceae or ombrellifere, therefore a relative of celery and carrot. It is a plant of Mediterranean origin, with hermaphrodite flowers, which finds in Italy its ideal climate and is therefore perfect for our home gardens.

The fennel plant forms a white lump at the base, which is the grower$0027s vegetable of interest. There is also a wild variety, the fennel, which is cultivated as aromatic because of its fragrant leaves.

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  • Suitable soil and climatic conditions
  • Sowing fennel
  • How to grow fennel in the garden

    • Bleaching and tixing
  • Fennel diseases and parasites
  • Collection and culinary use
  • Variety of fennel

Train and suitable weather conditions

Ideal climate for cultivation. What is essential to know about the climate is that fennel is afraid of temperatures below 7 degrees and above 30. This umbrellifera is sensitive to daylight hours, needs 12 hours of light and grows in seed if they increase, for this reason it should be sown in March or between June and July and can also be counted among the winter vegetables. Fennel is afraid of frost and for this reason it must be harvested before the winter frosts.

Soil suitable for fennel . The fennel lump develops at ground level and for this reason it is very important to take care of the soil and its tillage in order to cultivate it successfully. This horticultural plant does not tolerate stagnation, which is why you need a well tilled and draining soil, which allows a good prevention of cryptogamic diseases.

Fertilization. When fertilising, it prefers fertile soil, better if fertilised first (manure or compost is fine), without excesses. A little nitrogen can then be added during cultivation to promote lump growth.

Sowing fennel

Sowing fennel is not difficult, you can do it both directly in the field and in the seedbed, the work can be deepened by reading the article on how to sow fennel.

Sowing period : you can sow in March, to harvest in June, and in June July, for autumn harvest. Those who want to follow the lunar phase will have to do it during the waning moon.

The planting sixth must be 30 cm between one plant and another, along rows placed at 50/70 cm. The seed must be buried about 1,5 cm deep. If you sow directly in the ground it is better to sow close enough and then thin out by thinning out the seedlings until you leave them at the right distance.

The planting sixth determines the shape of the vegetable : if it is put thick it develops elongated and flattened, if it has space we will have rounder fennel. The shape and size then depend on various other factors such as the variety, the type of soil, the tillage.

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